Privacy Policy

Committed to Protecting Your Privacy


Oegema Nicholson and Associates (ON&A) are committed to protecting our client’s personal information (also referred to as client data). ON&A and the insurance industry as a whole have a solid track record of respecting a clients’ right to privacy and safeguarding their private data. Federal legislation dictates that we inform you of the reasons why we collect, use, and disclose your personal information. For your review, the following is a summary of our privacy practices.


Personal Information – Purposes and Uses


When you initially become an ON&A client, or whenever you acquire or renew an insurance product from us, we require information of a personal nature from you to provide you with our insurance services. Common purposes for which we collect your personal information allow us to:


  • Acquire or renew an insurance policy for you
  • Assess your ongoing needs for insurance
  • Identify your needs for other related products (such as financial products) and offer these products to you
  • Ensure that your information is accurate and up to date
  • Protect against error and fraud


The Personal Information Collected


Dependent upon the purposes for which we need to collect your personal information, we may ask for the following:


  • Basic information that could include your name, address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, date of birth and marital status
  • Your history of insurance claims
  • Credit status and past payment records
  • Driver’s record
  • Property details that could include the value of your home and its contents
  • Medical information that may include any medical condition that could affect your operation of a vehicle


Sources of Personal Information


  • You directly
  • Insurance companies
  • Other insurance agents or brokers
  • Motor vehicle and driver licensing authorities
  • Financial institutions
  • Medical professionals
  • Personal Information Disclosure and Sharing


Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information


For the purposes listed above we will need to share your personal data with other parties so that we may service your particular insurance requirements. These parties commonly include:


  • Insurance companies
  • Other insurance agents and brokers
  • Credit organizations
  • Professional colleagues including adjusters and lawyers
  • Financial institutions


Protecting Your Personal Information


  • Your personal information is collected and disclosed only for the purposes we identify
  • Your personal information is maintained by us only for as long as required to fulfill a stated purpose or as required by law
  • We endeavor to ensure that your information is accurate, complete, and current
  • We safeguard your personal information to the best of our ability
  • We respond to any request you may have of us to access or correct your personal information currently held in our files
  • Your consent is required in order for us to collect, use, or disclose your personal data




  • We may obtain your expressed consent, or determine that consent has been implied by the circumstances
  • We may ask for your expressed consent in writing (a signed consent or application form)
  • We may ask for your expressed consent in person, over the phone, or by electronic means (email, etc.)
  • We may determine that by seeking insurance through our company, your consent is implied thereby allowing us to manage your personal information in a reasonable manner in order that we can undertake to provide the services you ask of us


Note that there are also legal exceptions to consent or for the explanation of the purposes for which use or disclosure of your personal information is required. This stipulation could apply should an emergency situation occur, or if it is deemed necessary for your protection or the protection of our company and (or) personnel.


Personal Information Control


Please be aware that you have choices with respect to how we manage your personal information. You may refuse to allow us to obtain, use, or share your personal data and (or) you may rescind your consent at any given time. However, should you elect to do so you may be limiting or preventing us from providing you with the product and (or) service you seek. For example this could hamper our ability to provide you with your automobile insurance. We remain amenable to discussing these matters with you and helping you to arrive at the best decision for your circumstance.