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Canada may be renowned for generally accessible, almost universal healthcare, but that doesn’t mean that government insurance covers 100% of health needs and required treatments.

Core health services, such as vision, dental, and prescription drugs, are not covered by the base policy of provincial and federal health insurance. Instead, most Canadians acquire this coverage through their jobs or private insurance. Unfortunately, blurry vision, cavities, and routine prescription medication are far more common than you think, and as a result, require proactive protection.

Personal health insurance is your best bet for avoiding the expensive out-of-pocket costs of health services not covered by the provincial health plan.

Without insurance, the cost of treatments can easily strain your finances. Protect yourself today.

What Does Personal Health Insurance Cover?

Personal health insurance covers unexpected medical expenses not covered by your provincial health care plan.

Just like a group benefits plan that you would get from your employer, personal health insurance guarantees coverage for both short- and long-term health requirements, as well as recurring expenses.

But unlike an employer-sponsored group benefits plan, your personal health insurance stays with you, providing guaranteed coverage and peace of mind even as you change jobs and move around.

A Personal Health Insurance Policy Covers:

  • The cost of prescription drugs required for treating a serious or chronic condition.
  • Vision and dental treatments, such as eye exams and prescription glasses, as well as dental cleaning and cavity treatments.
  • Ongoing rehabilitative treatment, such as physiotherapy or massage therapy designed for long-term recovery from injuries.
  • Paramedical and ambulance services, as in the case of emergency conditions.
  • The cost of mobility or assistive devices, as other necessary medical equipment.
  • The cost of emergency medical services when you are out of the country.

Who Should Have Personal Health Insurance?

Oegema Nicholson provides personal health insurance to every Canadian who requires universal, blanket protection that can be easily activated when the government or employment benefits do not apply:

  • Not covered by a group health benefits plan from their employer, such as temporary and contract workers, as well as self-employed professionals
  • Currently covered under a group benefits plan but will soon lose coverage, whether as a result of changes in company policy or career movement, such as moving to another role in a new company or retirement
  • Currently covered by group benefits but only for limited treatments and need additional support, such as increased coverage limits for complex or multiple treatments.

Personal health insurance is an investment in your long-term health and your future.

By investing in the cost of additional medical expenses not covered by the provincial healthcare plan and group benefits, you can protect your finances from taking a sudden hit the moment you need new prescription glasses or special medication as a result of an illness.

This proactive protection also extends to your loved ones, as they will have peace of mind knowing that your health is taken care of — at no extra cost.

Personal Health and Dental Insurance from The Experts

At Oegema Nicholson, we believe in taking proactive steps towards protecting your health and investing in your future — starting with ensuring affordable access to some of the most basic ongoing medical treatments.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive coverage plan that’s crafted according to your exact needs and budget.

Our custom-tailored health and dental insurance plans provide these generous benefits:

  • Highest coverage limits for prescription drugs, including reimbursement for eligible expenses
  • Highest coverage limits for routine and complex dental treatments, ranging from cleaning to extraction and root canal.
  • Reimbursement for paramedical and ambulance services in cases wherein emergency transport to hospitals is required.
  • Optional coverage for restorative and orthodontic dental treatment, as needed.
  • Upgrades to semi-private and private hospital rooms in case of necessary hospital confinement.
  • Option for coverage extension to beneficiaries, such as spouses and dependent family members all in one comprehensive, easy to manage plan.

Retiring or Changing Jobs? Don’t Wait to be Covered!

One of the key factors that prevent Canadians from getting the protection they need is because it’s often provided for by their employers through a group benefits plan.

Personal health and dental insurance plan is a smart way to guarantee lasting protection, especially in this ever-changing economy.

The fact remains — it’s no longer the norm to get health and dental coverage from your employer alone. With the rise of contract and self-employed work, more and more Canadians are leaving their health unprotected and their income at risk of expensive out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Group benefits often end the moment you retire or change jobs. While your new company may provide the same benefits, there is usually a waiting period that needs to be met in order to become eligible for coverage.

We already know that anything can happen in just a few months, so don’t let your next eye exam, dental checkup, or prescription refill fall on the same uncovered date.

Get the protection you need from health and dental insurance plan, and don’t worry about activating it as soon as it’s required.

Oegema Nicholson for Proactive Healthcare

Our insurance experts at Oegema Nicholson work with you to determine your current health condition, requirements, existing coverage, and finances to craft a custom personal health and dental insurance plan that suits your needs.

Our goal is to make proactive protection affordable and accessible when you need it most.

Our health and dental insurance plans cover the cost of prescription drugs, semi-private or private hospital rooms, paramedical services, out-of-country treatments, and dental and vision care.

We empower Canadians to take a proactive step towards looking after their well-being by having this protection in place, whether they’re employed and need additional coverage, or work on a contract or freelance basis with no group benefits at all.

Our custom-tailored plans exist to advocate for your health.

For more information on proactively protecting your health with personal health and dental insurance, call Oegema Nicholson (613) 224-1455 or contact us here.

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Saul Mendoza (Salty)
Saul Mendoza (Salty)
My broker Bill C. from ONA has helped me over the years now with my vehicle insurance. He is very cautious and detail oriented when processing documentation, and ensures I understand everything whenever there are any changes. He recently helped me cut my premium almost in half just by improving my record and shopping around at the appropriate time. I am grateful to him and the team for being there for me when I need them.
RMP Tutoring
RMP Tutoring
I was assisted recently by Greg, who did a wonderful job in not only answering all of my questions and helping me to review pre-existing insurance plans, as well as advising me to look into my credit card/group insurance before needlessly purchasing more. This to me speaks highly of the character of the employee and business of a whole, and it is certainly the one I will be going to for any future needs.
They get back to you fast an excellent insurance agent
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lise sevigny
Have been with Oegema for over 30 yrs. Always great service!
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Jamie C
Friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They take care of all my insurance needs. Commercial, Home and Auto.
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Bob Bent
Great service on both commercial and personal lines.
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Jennifer Bardwell
I purchased commercial insurance with this company. Very professional service throughout, and a good price on the policy. Would highly recommend!
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