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Are you concerned your current insurance isn’t providing complete coverage? Oegema, Nicholson & Associates offers full-service financial and insurance products customized to our customer’s needs. Our knowledgeable, highly-trained staff understands the Manotick market and is client-focused. Therefore, our clients always receive the best coverage at an affordable price for their situation.

Our independent insurance brokerage in Manotick is always accessible to discuss your insurance needs and will walk beside you in an emergency. We are not limited to a specific insurance provider. It allows us to generate comprehensive plans tailored to your needs while taking advantage of the best pricing and solutions.

It is one of many ways Oegema, Nicholson & Associates benefits you.

The Necessity of Insurance in Manotick

While Manotick seems idyllic, you still need insurance to protect you from the unexpected. Despite its family-friendly community and proximity to nature, many things still happen. Even though you hope you never need insurance, you will always be glad you invested in it.

Why Invest in Insurance?

In today’s economy, many people cut back on (deemed) unnecessary expenses. However, insurance is not an area you should gamble with. While you may think your chances of ever facing damages are slim to none, accidents can still happen. What happens if you don’t have coverage?

In Canada, the statistics on insurance are astonishing.

Statistics governing dental and other benefits aren’t encouraging. While it may seem like a minority compared to the overall population, the results will astound you.

Furthermore, of the 75.44% of people with homeowner insurance, 59% don’t know the replacement cost of their home. They confuse replacement costs with how much they paid for the property or its current market value. Knowing the details of your home is essential for a broker to provide an accurate quote.

The more you know, the better your coverage.

What Is Your Safety Net?

The main reason to invest in insurance is it provides a safety net in an emergency. The damage from any disaster/accident ranges from mild to severe. While no one thinks the unexpected will happen, sometimes it does. It is better to be prepared no matter what the future holds.

A comprehensive insurance plan protects against losses and covers expenses if you face relocation. Ensure your coverage encompasses all your needs—this is not something you can cut costs on. Too many Canadians have reduced costs in this area only to discover they can’t cover expenses in an emergency.

Legal Insurance Obligations

All Ontario drivers must have auto insurance to match their vehicle type. The fines for violators range from $5,000-$50,000. Furthermore, you may receive a license suspension or have your vehicle impounded if you are caught without auto insurance.

For businesses, while it isn’t illegal (per se) to not carry insurance, the legal requirement is that you carry general liability insurance under Canadian law. If you don’t, you are deemed non-compliant.

Insurance Services in Manotick

Oegema, Nicholson & Associates is an independent brokerage. Our longstanding relationships with other providers allow us to leverage customized, affordable services tailored to our client’s needs. Therefore, we provide comprehensive coverage like no other.

Home Insurance

Home insurance protects your Manotick house/possessions against loss, damage or theft. It may cover items stolen from your vehicle, injury/damage to visitors, and accidental damage to other people’s property. It may cover relocation costs as well.

Tenant/Renter Insurance

Consider purchasing renter insurance if you are a tenant or live in an apartment in Manotick. It should cover the costs of replacing possessions in your home. The coverage is the same as listed above.

Auto Insurance

An auto insurance plan in Manotick covers trucks, cars, motorcycles, and road vehicles. It provides protection against physical injury and damage to the vehicle from collisions. This insurance type also protects against financial loss from theft.

Life Insurance

Getting life insurance coverage in Manotick is a worthwhile investment. It reduces the financial burden placed on your family after your death. Payment goes to your insured beneficiary in a one-time, tax-free payment. People use it to cover funeral and legal expenses.

Small Business Insurance

Business insurance protects Manotick owners against losses from unforeseen events during daily business operations. It includes errors, injuries, and third-party property damage. Your coverage type depends on revenue, industry, and size. It ensures your business’s long-term survival.

Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions Insurance

When you get professional liability insurance in Manotick, it offers protection against claims citing negligence or not delivering services as promised. It also covers media/advertising against libel, slander, or defamation claims.

Farm Insurance

Agriculture and farming is a business. Our farm insurance plan in Manotick covers you if guests are hurt and protects you against property damage from daily operations. It also covers pesticide liability and legal costs.

Group Benefits Insurance

The company tends to provide group insurance covering all eligible employees. Sometimes, the employer pays the insurance. However, employees can contribute to the policy as well.

Choose Our Insurance Company in Manotick

If you suspect your coverage is inadequate, call us at 613-692-3403 or contact us here. Our insurance brokers in Manotick will create a customized solution that is affordable, understandable, and accessible. Our mission is to provide top-notch value in our insurance solutions, combining service, price, and coverage.

We offer our clients knowledgeable advice, claim support, and ongoing policy maintenance. In any event, we are your advocate, boosting our experience to protect your interests.

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Our Team

Cindy Colfe, CIP Branch
Tricia Kouk Personal Lines Account
Tyler Lussier, AIPC, CAIB Account
Blanche Sugrue Personal Lines Technical
Amy Mozer Commercial Line Account
"Just wanted to leave a message for your website that praises Nik Dore for being a constant example of always providing invaluable customer service. I never worry that my questions and concerns will be dismissed or that I am receiving less than constructive advice. Many thanks to him."
"I know all my insurance needs are covered with Oegema, Nicholson & Associates. I have been a loyal client for the last 15 years, and I can count of them for my commercial insurance, employee benefits, as well as my personal insurance and finances. Jeff Richer always goes above and beyond to help me with my insurance needs."
O-Omkar Atwal, Owner, Leitrim Home Hardware
"It’s always a pleasure to deal with Oegema, Nicholson & Associates, and I can depend on them for all my insurance needs. I have been a client for several years and whether it’s regarding my personal insurance, or anything to do with our employee benefits or commercial needs, I know I’m taken care of."
R-Rhonda, Capital Dodge
"I would like to thank Carol for everything she has done for me and my family over the years. It is my honest belief that we would not be in the position we are in if it was not for her guidance, expertise and honesty. We can't begin to thank her enough."
"ONA helps me with my personal insurance and my business insurance . They are my one stop shop when it comes to insurance and group benefits. I know I’m covered in all areas. Great friendly service and knowledgeable staff!"
J-James Carriveau, President, Exact Interlock and Exact Properties
"One call to Oegema, Nicholson Associates is all it took. After our basement flooded, within a day or two they had a crew cleaning everything up, taking down the drywall and itemizing everything to be cleaned, thrown out or restored. They had everything in place for us in a timely manner and were extremely patient with me as they talked me through the process and waited for me to make decisions."
J-Jennifer Parks, Stittsville, Ontario
"I’ve been dealing with ONA for over 20 years with my personal insurance, as well as our commercial insurance, and I know I can rely on them for great customer service, and prompt responses. I feel confident not only referring them to my employees, but to our customers as well."
C-Charlene Brunet, President, Dan Murphy Ford
Saul Mendoza (Salty)
Saul Mendoza (Salty)
My broker Bill C. from ONA has helped me over the years now with my vehicle insurance. He is very cautious and detail oriented when processing documentation, and ensures I understand everything whenever there are any changes. He recently helped me cut my premium almost in half just by improving my record and shopping around at the appropriate time. I am grateful to him and the team for being there for me when I need them.
RMP Tutoring
RMP Tutoring
I was assisted recently by Greg, who did a wonderful job in not only answering all of my questions and helping me to review pre-existing insurance plans, as well as advising me to look into my credit card/group insurance before needlessly purchasing more. This to me speaks highly of the character of the employee and business of a whole, and it is certainly the one I will be going to for any future needs.
They get back to you fast an excellent insurance agent
lise sevigny
lise sevigny
Have been with Oegema for over 30 yrs. Always great service!
Jamie C
Jamie C
Friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They take care of all my insurance needs. Commercial, Home and Auto.
Bob Bent
Bob Bent
Great service on both commercial and personal lines.
Jennifer Bardwell
Jennifer Bardwell
I purchased commercial insurance with this company. Very professional service throughout, and a good price on the policy. Would highly recommend!
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